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Where is China hiding their submarines?

As a newspaper editor, I lay awake some nights thinking about headlines. No, I do not write headlines while in the comfort of my bed. ... Read more

Change can be sparked by even the littlest things

This week, my friend sent me a link to an interesting article from about little things that ended up making a huge impact. I ... Read more

Another COVID relief package is needed

To the Editor: President Dwight Eisenhower once said, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a ... Read more

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving serves as a simple reminder to all of us to pause and count our many blessings, much in the same way the very first ... Read more

The nostalgia of watching “old” favorites

When I was a kid, I never quite understood my parents’ nostalgia for “old” music and movies and TV shows. They’d reminisce about the entertainment ... Read more

Fountain of youth found in Friday night lights

There are perks when it comes to being old. Sure, the senior citizen discounts on food, travel, lodging and other necessities are nice; so is ... Read more

Admiring the mysteries of the universe

Outer space can be a pretty fascinating place. Perhaps it’s not full of the strange phenomena and unexplainable oddities shown in Star Trek or any ... Read more

How to know your vote counted

In the wake of a General Election that witnessed historic levels of voter participation, people are wondering whether or not their ballots were properly tabulated. ... Read more

The melting pot is vegetable soup

Schoolhouse Rock cartoons had already stopped gracing the Saturday morning airwaves when I was a kid, but I still managed to see several of the ... Read more

Sir Sean Connery….the best Agent 007 ever!!

From the first time I saw him on the big screen, I was forever a Sean Connery fan. I believe it was “Goldfinger” – the ... Read more

Legendary mysteries from around NC

Once Halloween is over, many people usually like to jump straight to Christmas. The familiar carols start popping up on the radio. Stores put up ... Read more

Discussing this, that, and the other

There’s a lot to cover this week as we enter the short rows before next week’s General Election; are in the midst of an entertaining ... Read more

Treat your family to some fun Halloween movies

Like many things this year, Halloween will look different than usual because of the ongoing pandemic. I think if there’s anything we’ve learned from the ... Read more

Raising awareness now to continue all year long

There are plenty of “awareness” months all throughout the year that definitely deserve our attention. One of those issues highlighted every October is domestic violence ... Read more

Sexy onions, sewage & missed trifectas

While we, as Americans, are locked in a blue-red battle over which alligator will be in control of the swamp for the next four years, ... Read more

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