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Thinking about the “good old days” of the past

Confession: I used to think air travel was a new thing invented in the 1990’s. That’s the decade I grew up in, absorbing tons of ... Read more

Help us to help you remain informed

It’s not a highly guarded trade secret that newspapers, from the large metros to the small market publications that cover rural America, are experiencing declines ... Read more

How to: [insert suggested title here]

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That’s the old saying, anyway. It’s a simple way of reminding people to not rely on first impressions. ... Read more

Celebrate freedom each and every day

Friday, September 11, 2020 marked the passage of 19 years since this nation’s peace and calm were shattered by coordinated terrorist attacks on New York ... Read more

‘The way it is’…….50 years later

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a person of average means could build a new home for about $23,000. They could ... Read more

Leaving a lasting impact before you go

More than two years ago, back before the pandemic made going to the movies a bit of a health hazard, I drove to my usual ... Read more

Organize your shelves with lots of good books

Do you remember the scene in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” where Belle gets to see the castle’s library for the first time? She stares ... Read more

Priceless treasure revealed by the box load

It was a treasure hunt, only without confusing clues, no map, and minus any dirt under my fingernails. But yet the treasure was still priceless. ... Read more

Exams, woolly rhinos, and a bag of chips

The first week of August brought eastern North Carolina a hurricane and western North Carolina an earthquake. Mother Nature has apparently decided to give us ... Read more

When opportunity knocks, open the door

There’s now such an empty feeling to walk out the backdoor of my home and stare at an empty driveway next door. I already miss ... Read more

Celebrating 100 years of voting

Not long after my 18th birthday, I remember my mother taking me down to the Board of Elections Office in Jackson to register to vote. ... Read more

Coping to get through this year

I was browsing WRAL’s website recently, and saw an article about a food blogger in Durham who’s been sharing restaurants that have helped her “get ... Read more

Hurricane season arrives in North Carolina

Right on cue. Although the 35th annual North Carolina Watermelon Festival was wiped off the 2020 calendar due to COVID-19, that event typically signals the ... Read more

At least the animals are having a good time

Imagine you’re at a hotel, minding your business and eating at the bar when someone comes along to snatch your food right out of your ... Read more

Put me down for a two

It’s Monday morning, July 27, 2020. Like all other Monday mornings for those gainfully employed, we arrive at work in a state of total confusion….our ... Read more

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