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Thoughts on the pandemic after one year

It’s March again, huh? Last year at this time, COVID-19 and the pandemic were just a few stray headlines that popped up if you were ... Read more

Sign, signs, everywhere a sign!

Even at age 67, my mind is like a steel trap. In February, we published our annual edition of Crossroads. This year’s theme centered on ... Read more

Supporting student loan debt relief

To the Editor: I am pleased that numerous progressive organizations, state attorneys general, and individuals are demanding that President Joe Biden forgive—thanks to the Higher ... Read more

Stories of luxury jets, coffins, and rowing from around the globe

Sometimes I can get too focused on what’s happening locally that I forget there’s a whole world outside full of seven billion other people. So ... Read more

Shortage of volunteer firefighters reaches an alarming level

To the Editor: In every age, wherever people have built communities, the danger of fire has loomed on the periphery. Calm summer evenings and quiet ... Read more

Bye-bye demon….hello life!!

It’s an inner demon that only you can conquer. But I can tell you first hand, that demon put up a fight. Last week – ... Read more

Forbidden tea, wet salad, and other sorts of food nonsense

Let me preface this week’s column: my mother recently said to me (jokingly, I’m sure) that she was tired of all the serious stuff I’ve ... Read more

Anonymous tribute to four great men

I typically do not publish information or opinions from anonymous sources. It’s been my long-standing practice to verify all sources of information. I’m making an ... Read more

You can’t give what you don’t have

To the Editor: I have been employed as a Register Nurse (R.N.) in health care for 44 years, many of those years at Northampton County ... Read more

Tethering ordinance needed in Northampton

To the Editor: An animal welfare group appeared at the January Board of Northampton Commissioners meeting and spoke about the problems with dog owners chaining ... Read more

Frequently asked vaccine questions

I’ve written a lot about COVID-19 vaccines in the past few weeks. Supplies are limited and guidelines from the federal government and the state keep ... Read more

Lappuccino: being clumsy with your coffee

I’ve been accused over my life as a journalist for a ton of misprints. Unfortunately, it happens to all of us involved in a world ... Read more

Legislators again looking to operate in the dark

Like a bad penny, legislation to hide public notices from the public is back in N.C. General Assembly. House members have filed separate bills that ... Read more

Civil Rights movement inspired musician with northeastern NC connection

As I was browsing Twitter this past week, I saw a fascinating series of tweets from the NC Arts Council. The organization shared some interesting ... Read more

What always follows two days of rain?

We’ve all heard Murphy’s simple theory concerning life – “if anything can go wrong, it will.” Some say that Murphy was an optimist, but all ... Read more

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