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Know the warning signs of heat-related illnesses

People who’ve lived in North Carolina all their lives are used to the hot summer temperatures combined with humidity which is sometimes so high it ... Read more

Celebrating our freedom

To the Editor: As the nation recently celebrated “Juneteenth” that recognized the freedom of the last slaves that were held in Texas, there are more ... Read more

Let’s stop being obsessed with being the best

I think it’s fair to say that, as a society, we’re obsessed with being “the best.” It’s ingrained in our brains from every point imaginable. ... Read more

The time is now to invest in new schools

24 — a number sported by Willie Mays, Kobe Bryant, and Jeff Gordon. It is also the number of years since the state of North ... Read more

Desert dust is the least of our worries

Measuring roughly 3,000 miles from east to west, and approximately 1,200 miles from north to south, this place is as large as the 48 contiguous ... Read more

Simple steps to how to wear a mask

I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet. Many would like to downplay ... Read more

Late fees and charges still apply

If you have ever served as the executor of someone’s estate, the following stories are reminders of all the red tape that comes hand-in-hand with ... Read more

Grammar rules are more like guidelines

I had a professor in college who would often send group emails letting us English majors know about upcoming events and other relevant announcements. I ... Read more

Rules to help keep a man happy

The calendar on my desk denotes that the third Sunday in June is later this week. That means Father’s Day, a tradition which formally began ... Read more

Persistence can lead to change

The month of June this year has been marked so far with protests across the country. People everywhere, even in our local communities, are speaking ... Read more

COVID-19 shows no mercy

“Surely, COVID-19 can cause you to have major health problems. It also doesn’t discriminate. It don’t care what age you are or what color.” Those ... Read more

Some of us need to be quiet and listen

There’s an old episode of Star Trek: Voyager where one of the characters, Commander Chakotay, crashes a shuttle on a planet and gets sucked into ... Read more

Putting an end to systemic racism

“Racism can only end if we contend with the policies and institutional barriers that perpetuate and preserve the inequality—economic and social— that we still see ... Read more

Hurricane season likes being ahead of schedule

As I write this week’s column, Tropical Storm Bertha is hurtling from the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the South Carolina coast, and ... Read more

Things do change for the better

Somewhere in our future lies a new normal. Chances are pretty good that we may never completely return to life the way it was in ... Read more

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