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Riding another wave of pain at the pump

If you feel a pinch in your pocket, most likely it’s another round of price hikes….from groceries, to fast food, and to the gas pump. ... Read more

‘The very pineapple of politeness’ and other ways to mess around with words

There’s no doubt that English is a very strange language. That’s due, mostly, to the language’s history of development over hundreds of years. We’ve borrowed ... Read more

Slowing down USPS service isn’t a good plan

The 90’s television series “Stargate SG-1” tells the story of a secret military facility, run by the United States Air Force, which sends teams to ... Read more

Bertie County School Principals serve as champions for our children

To the Editor: Every day in Bertie County, principals head to work, thinking of one thing: the success of their students. Principals are champions for ... Read more

We’ve all lost a friend in the Bow-tie man

He’s been called a grand gentleman of the South. Other lifestyle accolades include honesty, fairness, generous, and always entertaining. But to many, he’s simply known ... Read more

There’s no limit to how many foods you can put “on a stick”

It’s almost that time of the year again. I’m not talking about harvest season (already well underway) or the holiday season (still technically not here ... Read more

It’s still not too late to do the right thing

A couple of weeks ago while waiting for the kickoff of the Pasquotank at Hertford County football game in Ahoskie, I was chatting with Eddie ... Read more

Speak up and find balance: suggestions for college students

Now that October is here, students are getting close to being halfway through this first semester of the school year. My school days are well ... Read more

History-making access to state & local government records now within reach

By Sandy Hurley and Bill Moss Long a priority of North Carolina newspapers on behalf of the state’s citizens, improved access to public employee personnel ... Read more

Let’s do our part to save the next “Gabby”

Like millions of individuals, I’ve been captivated by the Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito story. Most every major news network has been on top of this story ... Read more

Spotting the signs announcing the official arrival of Fall

The first day of autumn (or fall, if you prefer to call it by its simpler name) is marked by the Autumnal Equinox every year. ... Read more

Partial data was used to compare Bertie DSS salaries

To the Editor: Despite your very encouraging headline “Bertie DSS Employees Make More” (News Herald, Sept. 3), we in the Bertie County Department of Social ... Read more

It’s going to be a bad day when…..

We all have had our fair share of bad days. Normally, people can tell early in the morning if their day is heading in the ... Read more

Graveyard of Empires

To the Editor: Per the New York Times (NYT), the British, over an 80-year period, fought three wars in Afghanistan, occupying or controlling the country ... Read more

Back to School Bash was a great success

To the Editor: The Ahoskie Community and Youth Academy, located at the Ahoskie Recreation Center, would like to thank each and every one that came ... Read more

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